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  This electric shaker bottle is perfect! My boyfriend drinks Kratom every day. His ordinary protein shake blender is a mixing bottle. Use ordinary electric protein shaker bottle. He must shake each drink by hand for 5 to 10 minutes to dissolve all the mixture.

  Anyone who has drunk Kratom and OJ knows how bad a mouthful of unmixed Kratom is. In addition to wasting time, other protein shake blenders are leaking! It’s a nightmare (I’ve been with him for 3 years, so it’s a long nightmare)

  I decided to go and buy him a new personalized protein shaker bottle, and then I found this. Absolutely perfect! No overflow, no shaking, just click the button and let the electric shaker bottle rotate for a minute or two! The electric shaker bottle is much more expensive than the ordinary protein shaker blender, but it is very worth investing.

  I’ve been using the blender every day for two weeks. Excellent: excellent

  Revolutions per minute. This thing is a monster. Electric shaker bottle can pass through thick powder. It should be noted here that most of the proteins I have used so far are mixed so strongly that the waterline rises sharply. If you put everything down, cover it and mix it, it’s not a problem. Another influence of strong RPM is that shaker ice bottle will produce lots of bubbles and most of my beverages. I tend to add water first and then slowly pour in protein to solve this problem. Without points, you must want a good motor. The magnetic pill mixer made me a little dizzy, so I chose this. I’m glad I did it. The motor power of the protein powder shaker bottle is large and easy to use. The rechargeable base and dry storage container make it very easy to carry anywhere, and the milkshake is ready.