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  I really like this best electric protein shaker, and it is my fourth or fifth product. I use vortex bottle shaker at least 5 times a week and buy a pair as a gift. Considering that the small stirrer is thin plastic, the vortex bottle shaker is very durable, but I will be very careful when cleaning the vortex bottle shaker. I have experienced some of them, because some of them will eventually be distributed. I put the protein mixer bottle in my lunch bag every day.

  Protein shake is quieter than a shake bottle with a spherical mixer, and the mixer motor can indeed be charged. I only put powder and nut paste in it. Ice or other hard or insoluble things are not recommended.

  I’d love to see a more durable Version (maybe Dishwasher) and the ability to buy additional nutripods. What a good idea they are! Vortex bottle shakers are easily nested in bottles, so even if vortex bottle Shakers do leak, vortex bottle Shakers will leak into bottles. A partition for mixing that I don’t want to combine in advance would be a cool choice, but the promisx vortex mixer doesn’t exist.

  This thing is a micro turbine. The electric shaker machine is so powerful that it counterattacks my vitamin mixture. Press the button and let the vortex bottle shaker shake for 20 seconds. There is no lump in my protein powder. As some fools say, there is no problem with the charging port cover. Easy to clean, easy to store, easy to mix and fast to charge Don’t hesitate.