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  I can’t resist upgrading to this latest model. The first thing I noticed was the colorful protein shake blender and the new lid design – both cool. The glass shaker bottle looks and feels like a very high-quality mixer.

  This protein shake blender is required!

  Good. Maybe not “necessary”. But it’s definitely the best shake bottle mixer I’ve ever used. It only takes 10-15 seconds to make the protein shake smooth and free of caking.

  I also take BCAA as an example. It is more like a granular mixture. I like this wine mixer. The milk water bottle can easily mix large glasses that inevitably sink into the bottom of the bottle.

  The quality of the electric blender bottle is not a problem. Maybe this is not the thickest plastic, but I totally disagree with another saying that electric shaker bottle is very cheap.

  Super simple cleaning: just add some water and a drop of detergent, turn on the blender, let the electric shaker bottle soak a little, and then rinse it. complete.

  Only experience with vibrators must be manual. very nice! After exercise, it’s very convenient to put it in my cup holder. Don’t worry about shaking protein when you go home. Completely dissolving the powder is much better than using a traditional vibrating screen (I also did pre exercise in it). One advantage of the protein shake shaker is that the bottom of the protein shake blender is padded, so if the electric shaker bottle does not include this contact, you will not hear too much noise from the equipment.

  The protein powder shaker has a light on the motor housing to let you know whether the electric shaker bottle is charging (red) and when it is fully charged (green). Unfortunately, the beautiful protein shake blender in the protein shake blender is used to contain powder. I only use a spoonful of protein powder. I usually carry two spoons after exercise, so I have to use a separate container for this. I absolutely recommend this product. I’m glad to buy the gym shaker bottle. Is this a convenience item? Yes, can you live without electric protein shaker bottle? Yes, but I do think this product is worth it.