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  I read some comments about mixers being plastic if Protein Shake Blender doesn’t support it. First of all, yes, the Electric Protein Shaker Cup is plastic, but there’s nothing wrong with it. This should not be a problem unless you have a cleaning tool stuck in it while cleaning. And then the Electric Protein Shaker Cup might break at some point.

  Now that’s one of the biggest questions I see — can you mix ice in it? The answer is yes, but I wouldn’t try it with thicker ice. I have an ice machine that makes ice like sonic ice. After I mix the drink, I add a spoonful or two of ice. Then gently press the button and the Electric Protein Shaker Cup blends at about 50 percent power.

  It works well, and I’m not worried about the Electric Protein Shaker Cup ruining the blender. This type of ice is prone to fragmentation compared to solid ice, which can damage the blender.

  The Shake Mixer Bottle is a great mixer and good value for money. You’ll get some comments about being lazy, and if you don’t use your shaker multiple times a day, the Electric Protein Shaker Cup is probably lazy, but who cares if you like the Electric Protein Shaker Cup.

  This is a powder mixer, not a blender. My favorite is how protein Shake Blender Bottle is used with protein powder. The Electric Protein Shaker Cup blends well, without chunks of protein powder. You just need to mix protein Shake water bottle for a few seconds. You pour the liquid into the blender, open the Electric Protein Shaker cup to create a vortex, then add the powder, and there you go!

  That’s how protein Shaker Cup works. It only takes a few seconds, otherwise it may cause your drink to form. If you also need, pour into a glass and fill with ice. Every one of my friends has been to my house or seen me using protein Blender bottle at the gym. They all bought one. Read the instructions. You don’t want large pieces of fruit, ice cubes.